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Into the next 25 years!

Wonderful weather and beautiful encounters - the weekend of our annual Freunde-Fest and our 25th anniversary could hardly have gone better. Deep worship times, led by the Worship House Dresden, Susi Lange and David Fankhänel, sociable evenings, base tours, slideshows, a bouncy castle and many other activities formed the framework for our annual friends festival. Of course, this year the celebration on the occasion of our 25th anniversary was a special highlight. About 300 people came together to celebrate this occasion. Some had travelled very far, others were friends from Hainichen. As our special guest the entertainer Johannes Warth came, who connected many good memories of the early years with the base and encouraged in a humorous way not only to look back but also forward and to "set out" again and again and to go where God leads us. Despite the busy schedule this weekend, the Mayor of Hainichen, Dieter Greysinger, did not miss the opportunity to mingle with the guests and praise the good cooperation between the Town Hall and YWAM in his greeting. The celebration was crowned with a festive meal to which all guests were cordially invited.

We are grateful that so many people follow with interest what is happening here in Hainichen and have faithfully accompanied us over the past quarter of a century. Without this broad base of support our work would be unthinkable!


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