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Celebration of Life (Loren Cunningham)

Updated: Mar 26

Yesterday, we as YWAM celebrated the life of our founder Loren Cunningham (1935 - 2023). He was faithful to God's call, released thousands of young people into missions and always made time for ice-cream together!

But we also celebrated that this is not the end of the story. God's resurrection life gives us hope for the future. As his wife Darlene expressed so well in this part of her speech, God will continue to lead us. He is the best father and leader we can have.

You can watch the ceremony in its entirety here:

Here is the transcript of the video above:

But though Youth with a Mission may have begun, friends, with Loren Cunningham, it goes on and on and on. It will not end with his passing!

The vast vision he shared with all of us, it isn't Loren's vision, it our vision!

He may have put the vision out there for us to seek God and get the Yes, but we all got the Yes. And He is going to do remarkable things in the future. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

You have embraced that vision, you will go on.

Now remember, friends:

Be kind to one another.

Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Embrace the gift of Godness in you.

Let God fill you with vision and purpose.

Listen, obey and don't quit!

And have fun and eat ice-cream as you go along the way.


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