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What makes YWAM unique?

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is not just an organization but a global movement dedicated to empowering young people to make a difference in the world. With its distinctive blend of missions, training, and charity efforts, YWAM stands out as a catalyst for transformation on both individual and societal levels.

YWAM is a global movement

Founded on principles of faith, service, and cultural relevance, YWAM embraces diversity and innovation, fostering a dynamic environment where individuals are equipped and empowered to impact their communities and beyond.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) stands out for its emphasis on mobilizing young people for global missions, its decentralized structure allowing flexibility in ministry approaches, and its commitment to holistic outreach, combining evangelism with community development and social justice initiatives. Additionally, YWAM's focus on training and discipleship sets it apart, as it equips individuals for long-term service and leadership in various cultural contexts.

How to get involved?

Start your journey with a Discipleship Training School (DTS)!


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