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Discipleship Training School vs. Bible School

As a young adult, when you contemplate how to deepen your faith and prepare for active service in the church or in the world, you will soon encounter educational institutions such as discipleship training schools and Bible schools. Both offer intensive programs to strengthen your faith, but there are also some differences you should be aware of.

Bible school or discipleship training school?

Discipleship training schools (p.e. YWAM DTS) place great emphasis on deepening your personal relationship with God. Here, it's not just about acquiring theoretical knowledge about faith but also about practically implementing it in daily life. In these schools, you'll engage with topics such as prayer, worship, community, calling, mission, and ministry. The focus is on helping you develop an authentic faith and solidify your relationship with God.

On the other hand, bible schools offer an intensive study of the Bible and its theological foundations. Here, you'll find courses on Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and exegetical methods. The emphasis is on gaining a profound understanding of the Holy Scriptures and applying them to your life. While practical aspects of service may also be addressed, the main focus is on studying the Bible.

Another significant difference between the two types of schools lies in the duration of the program. Discipleship training schools typically offer shorter programs, ranging from a few months to a year. These intensive programs provide a concentrated time of growth and training. Bible schools, on the other hand, usually offer longer programs that can span several years. These give you the opportunity to delve deeper into biblical studies and develop a comprehensive understanding of the Christian faith.

Overall, both discipleship training schools and Bible schools offer valuable educational opportunities for young Christians looking to deepen their faith and prepare for service in the church or in the world. The choice between the two depends on your individual needs, goals, and time constraints. But regardless of which path you choose, both offer a unique opportunity for growth and deepening in the Christian faith. For many, a discipleship training school is also an important first step on their journey toward a solid theological education.


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