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I didn't know what to expect...

"I didn't really know what to expect at a Discipleship School. I signed up anyway, and I'm so glad I did!" That's how one DTS participant put it in her final interview. Six intensive months that took all six participants through ups and downs, which they mastered together - six months that put their relationship with Jesus and their view of themselves on a solid foundation. On February 29th, we had a big graduation party, which we celebrated with the whole base.

The lecture phase began in mid-September. Already shortly after the start, we were on the streets together, praying for people and helping out with a weekly children's program in a hotspot area in the nearby city of Chemnitz. Every week, new speakers would come to Hainichen, who shared topics such as "The Holy Spirit", "Hearing God's Voice", "Biblical Foundations", "Prayer", "Mission and Evangelism", "Calling" and many more. They all taught with great commitment and experience. Processing so much input in such a short time is an achievement - but it was so worth it.

For one week we were able to spend time with the other discipleship schools that were taking place in Germany at the same time at YWAM Nuremberg, where Dan Baumann came as a speaker and told his crazy stories with God.

In mid-December it was time to pack up for the big mission trip to Africa, more precisely to Zambia. Ten incredibly intense weeks full of experiences and adventures. Door-to-door evangelism, visits to orphanages, preaching in churches, etc. gave the young team hardly a break to breath.

The leaders had saved the highlight until the end of the outreach: a visit to the Victoria Falls near Livingstone, one of Africa's most famous landmarks.

Once again, we look back on this half year of DTS and can only be amazed at how much young people can grow in such a short time! God is great!

Here are some additional details about the DTS program:

  • The program is six months long and takes place in Hainichen, Germany.

  • It is open to young people from all over the world.

  • The program includes teaching, practical ministry, and a short-term mission outreach.

  • The goal of the program is to help young people grow in their relationship with Jesus and to equip them for ministry.

If you are interested in learning more about the DTS program, please read more here.


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