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Making Disciples: The Heart of a YWAM DTS

The world craves authenticity. People yearn for genuine connection and purpose. This is where YWAM Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) come in. YWAM DTS programs are more than just mission trips or Bible studies. They're about transformational experiences that equip you to become a disciple-maker, impacting the world for Christ.

Making disciples goes beyond simply sharing the gospel message. It's about creating a lifelong journey of faith alongside others.

A YWAM DTS equips you to:

  • Live out your faith: You'll deepen your understanding of the Bible and learn practical ways to integrate your beliefs into daily life.

  • Develop your leadership skills: Through teamwork, challenges, and mentorship, you'll gain the confidence to guide and inspire others.

  • Embrace cross-cultural communication: In a diverse international community, you'll hone your ability to connect with people from different backgrounds.

  • Share your faith effectively: You'll learn how to communicate the gospel message clearly and compassionately, fostering genuine conversations.

Making Disciples During Your DTS

A YWAM DTS isn't just about theoretical learning. It's about putting your faith into action. Here's how:

  • Outreach: During the outreach phase, you'll have the opportunity to practice what you've learned by serving communities around the world. You'll build relationships, share your faith, and see firsthand the impact of disciple-making.

  • Mentorship: YWAM DTS programs often connect students with experienced mentors who can guide them in their faith journey and equip them for future ministry.

  • Community Living: Life alongside other students fosters accountability, encouragement, and a shared commitment to following Christ. You'll learn to support and disciple one another.

The Ripple Effect: Becoming a Lifelong Disciple-Maker

The impact of a YWAM DTS extends far beyond the program itself. You'll graduate equipped to:

  • Make disciples in your local community: You'll gain the tools and confidence to share your faith and guide others in their walk with Christ.

  • Join YWAM missions: Feel called to missions? Your DTS experience prepares you to serve alongside YWAM teams around the world, continuing the cycle of disciple-making.

  • Equip others: Whether in your church, workplace, or social circle, you'll be able to mentor and empower others in their faith journeys.

Ready to Make a Difference?

A YWAM DTS is an investment in your faith journey and a springboard for impacting the world. If you're passionate about following Christ and making a difference, then a YWAM DTS might be the perfect next step.

Start your disciple-making journey today! Find out more about our DTS programs in Hainichen.


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