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How Much Does a YWAM DTS Cost?

Updated: Apr 4

Perhaps you've considered a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) but swallowed hard when you saw the price tag. This article will shed some light on the financial aspects of a YWAM DTS, helping you make informed decisions about this potentially life-changing experience.

Cost of a YWAM DTS
Will doing a DTS break your bank?

Understanding YWAM DTS Costs: A Global Network, Varied Prices

YWAM, standing for Youth With A Mission, is a global network of Christian ministries with a focus on missions, evangelism, and serving communities worldwide. A core program within YWAM is the DTS, a five- to six-month intensive program designed for those seeking to deepen their faith, explore missions, and develop practical skills for serving God.

The beauty of YWAM lies in its diverse locations across the globe. Each location offers a unique program flavor, reflecting the local culture and ministry focus. However, this also means that YWAM DTS costs can vary depending on the location you choose. Don't worry, we'll break down the factors affecting cost and provide some estimates to help you plan.

Breakdown of Typical YWAM DTS Costs: A Look at What's Included

A YWAM DTS is typically divided into two phases: a lecture phase and an outreach phase. Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with each:

Lecture Phase Costs: This phase focuses on foundational teachings about the Bible, missions, worship, and Christian living. It usually lasts for 3-4 months and usually includes:

  • Accommodation: Shared housing is usually provided on the YWAM base.

  • Meals: Most locations offer three meals a day, catering to dietary needs whenever possible.

  • Lectures and Training: Experienced speakers and missionaries lead sessions on various topics related to missions and Christian growth.

  • Activities and Resources: Many locations include additional activities like team-building exercises, worship nights, and access to ministry resources.

Estimated Range for Lecture Phase: The cost for the lecture phase can vary significantly depending on location and living expenses. However, a typical range might be between $2,500 and $6,000 (Find out the cost at YWAM Hainichen).

Outreach Phase Costs: This phase is your chance to put your learning into action by participating in a ministry project somewhere in the world. The cost for this phase depends on several factors:

  • Location: Outreach locations with a higher cost of living will naturally have higher program fees.

  • Travel: The cost to get to the location varies depending on the location. Some outreach trips might use public transport, while others need to rely on air travel.

  • Ministry Focus: Some outreach programs might require additional costs for specific materials or project needs.

Estimated Range for Outreach Phase: Similar to the lecture phase, outreach phase costs can vary. A ballpark figure might be between $2,500 and $5,000 (Find out the cost at YWAM Hainichen).

Additional Considerations

While the program fees cover most essentials, it's important to factor in some additional costs:

  • Personal Expenses: Consider budgeting for everyday necessities and any personal spending you might have during the program.

  • Visa fees: you might need to get an entry or student visa to be able to do the DTS in a foreign country. Keep this in mind.

  • Vaccinations: for many outreach locations you will need to get certain vaccinations (p.e. yellow fever, Hepatitis, etc.). Likewise you might be advised to take malaria pills during outreach, which will also add extra expenses.

  • Health Insurance: for both, lecture phase and outreach phase you will need appropriate health insurance coverage. There are many options, so do your own research.

The Cost Might not Be So High Compared to What You Get: An Investment in Transformation

Admittedly, these expenses can seem intimidating. But consider how much money people are prepared to pay for only a 14-days holiday trip! While the upfront cost of a YWAM DTS might seem significant, it's crucial to consider the value you receive in return. Here's why the cost can be a worthwhile investment:

  • All-Inclusive Experience: Unlike traditional academic settings, YWAM DTS programs cover most living expenses during the lecture phase, reducing the financial burden on students. This includes housing, meals, and program materials.

  • Experiential Learning: YWAM DTS goes beyond classroom lectures. You'll gain practical ministry experience through workshops, outreaches, and opportunities to serve alongside seasoned missionaries.

  • Life-Changing Investment: The personal and spiritual growth you experience during a YWAM DTS can be invaluable. You'll develop a deeper understanding of your faith, build lifelong friendships, and acquire valuable skills applicable to future ministry or career paths.


Of course you consider the cost for your DTS and if you are able to afford it. You might even prefer one location over another based on the price tag. But remember - there is more to consider than money! Ask the Lord for guidance where He would like you to go and trust that He will open ways for you to raise the money that you need. That's what thousands of DTS graduates can testify to all over the world. So - don't let money keep you from doing what your heart tells you!


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