Developing young people – strengthening families

If you want to know what society looks like tomorrow, take a look into the families of today.

That's not a new revelation. Families are the very core of society and the place that shapes a person more than anything in life ever will. It is surprising how little parents are aware of their power to influence the upcoming generations! That's why at the Youth and Family Center in Hainichen we seek to create opportunities to strengthen, motivate and empower families and young people to take their place in society and lead responsible and meaningful lives.

We seek to empower families for their daily life and encourage them to play an active role in positively influence their environment. We give young people a platform to develop into mature and healthy human beings.

We live as a christian community among the people in our region. With our life style and acts of service to our neighbors we seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in a place that has mainly no connection to church or the christian faith whatsoever.

The Christian Magna Charta

Youth With A Mission affirms the Christian Magna Carta which describes the following basic rights as implicit in the gospel.

Everyone on earth has the right to:

  1. Hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Have a Bible available in their own language.
  3. Have a Christian fellowship available nearby, to be able to meet for fellowship regularly each week, and to have Biblical teaching and worship with others in the Body of Christ.
  4. Have a Christian education available for their children.
  5. Have the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and health care.
  6. Lead a productive life of fulfillment spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically.

We commit ourselves, by God’s grace, to fulfill this covenant and to live for His glory.

(Developed by YWAM leaders, 1981)

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