Invest into the future. Invest into the next generation.

What does "Next Generation" DTS mean?

Do you love to be with children and enjoy giving your time to them?

Are you excited about the energy and creativity of a group of young people?

Have you already worked in the field of children and/or youth work and found your passion and/or vocation in it?

Have you recognized the important role that the young generation plays in the Kingdom of God?

You want to reach children and youth with the Gospel?

You want to lead children and young people into worship of God and show them what they can achieve together with God?


If you answer yes to any of these questions or simply have a heart for children, youth and their families, then the Next Generation DTS is for you.

Why a DTS with a focus on children and youth ministry?

Children and youth are an important part of our society. They are the population group that will make a decisive contribution to how our society will look and function in the future.

What children and young people learn and are taught now determines very much how they will act and think as adults. That is why working with children and young people is extremely important and groundbreaking for society as a whole.

One goal of the "Next Generation DTS" is to strengthen, motivate and enable youth to assume and fulfill their important place in society and in the Kingdom of God in a responsible and meaningful way.

God's longing for youth is that they find their destiny and identity in Him to have a future and hope.

God puts adults at the side of children and youth in this search, especially their parents, but also educators, teachers, group leaders, etc. have a great influence.

You could be one of those people who reaches children and youth with the Gospel and continues to accompany them on their path with God.

The "Next Generation DTS" offers an insight into this vision. It offers the possibility to (further) develop your gifts in this area, to get a (deeper) understanding for children and young people and to gain experience in (mission) ministry for children and youth.

However, this is first and foremost a Discipleship Training School and it is mainly for you to get to know God better and to make Him known and to deal with yourself, with your past and future.

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