Pioneering new things

YWAM Hainichen is like a lab. We discover and develop new ideas, put them into practise and enjoy passing them on to others. Projects and programs that help and positively impact families and young people should be found everywhere!

We coordinate or support mission efforts and humanitarian projects in several countries. We want to make known the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ - to everyone who has never had the chance to hear about Him from the Bible. We believe in a wholistic Gospel that touches body and soul. We don't bring aid and supplies in order to preach the Gospel. We bring aid and supplies BECAUSE we preach the Gospel.

The work of our missionaries and staff abroad is not only a beautiful cultural experience. Often enough it is a challenging task that can only be mastered with much commitment and sacrifice, and a clear calling.

If you want to support any of our projects or wish to receive more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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