Enjoy Differences Together

is the slogan for our meetings and we invite you to live sessions over zoom where we want to share about a topic, give you time to talk as a couple and also to be able to ask questions and hear from others.

Our idea is that you participate as a couple, setting apart about 1,5-2 hours and make this your date night. So it would be nice if you could arrange some nice space in your home, cook (or order) dinner together before (or any other meal - depending on your time zone) and then enjoy. During the meeting you will have time to eat and to listen to our input, we will give you some questions that you can talk about and then we also want to have a time with everybody joining in a group talk.

This will not be a long lecture from us but rather an interactive evening with other couples from around the world.


We are Luciene from Brazil and Joachim from Germany and we met as missionaries in YWAM Belo Horizonte, fell in love and got married. Today we are married since 2007 and we have three beautiful children. Some years ago we moved to Germany where we are still serving in missions in Saxony, working with family ministries here in YWAM Hainichen.

We are hosting this event because we want to strengthen marriages and we have noticed that there is not much available for cross-cultural couples. Two years ago we started here in Hainichen with some couples and had several nights through the year and the response that we got from them was so encouraging that we wanted to continue and then we had to switch our plans for this year due to Corona. As we could only do it online, we thought why not do a couples night with zoom sharing our input over the internet. And through this we thought that now we are not limited regionally and we started to share on facebook and other places and we and last year we had already several events with couples from all around the world.


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