The history of YWAM Hainichen

In 1993, five families left YWAM Hurlach in Bavaria under the leadership of Andreas & Angela Frész and moved to Eastern Germany to set up a new YWAM base. After a long search, suitable premises for setting up a training and recreation center for families were found at last: a 1.8-hectare, park-like property in Hainichen/Saxony with several buildings, including a villa, which we began to renovate after buying the property in January 1994. Since then renovation and development of the grounds have been an ongoing task. In October 2000 the leadership of the base was handed to Joachim and Silke Fänder – both born and raised in Saxony. Since March 2001 Andreas & Angela Frész have headed up YWAM Family Ministries in Europe, whose goal it is to establish YWAM Family Ministry in every European country.

Right from the start, the main focus of the work in Hainichen was on ministry to families and the King’s Kids children and youth ministry. Gradually other ministries were added. In 2002 we founded a Christian kindergarten, which aspires to operate a model kindergarten for the training and equipping of kindergarten teachers and educators, and found new Christian kindergartens in Germany and abroad.

In spring 2007 we opened a low-level ropes course on the grounds, which has since expanded to include some high elements and for the most part has been integrated in the trees as they naturally stand.

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