Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Experience God, step into adventure, explore the Bible and meet international friends.

In six months you will grow in your faith. You will live and learn together with others directly from the Bible.

Topics include missions, your identity in Christ, character of God, and much more.

You go on an international mission trip with your team and bring help where it is needed.

You get to know people from different countries around the world.

Our school is bilingual. Everything is translated into German and English respectively.

Dates and costs

Date: September 21st, 2022 - March 31st, 2023

Lectrure phase: 2000€
Mini-Outreach: 100€
Outreach phase: 1800-2500€ (depending on location)

Not included: Transportation to and from Germany/ Hainichen - Visa fees (if applicable up to 150€) - Health insurance (Valid in Germany and the outreach location) - Personal items, leisure activities.

Contact & Questions

Hello, my name is Martha and I'm the leader of the next school.

Get in contact with me:

+49 1520 310 40 20

Ask me Anything


Date: June 11th, 2022
7pm (Central Europe Summer Time)
1pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Join us for a zoom meeting where you can ask us any of the questions you have about the DTS. We will give more information about the school and what you can expect, so even if you don't come with your own questions, you will go away with a much better picture of what the school is like and whether it is the right fit for you. 

Zoom Reminder!

If you are interested, leave your email address here and we will send you a reminder email with the link for the zoom meeting 48 hours in advance.

Get to know God – then make him known!

The DTS is divided into two parts.

The first three months consist of practical training for your faith - an intensive time to engage with God, yourself and the people around you. Each week has a different focus and you learn from people who have extensive experience in the subject they teach. All topics will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, your identity and your vision. This time will prepare you to go into all the world as a follower of Jesus - not only for outreach, but for your whole life.

In the second part - the mission trip - you put what you have learned in the past months of DTS into practice on the ground in a foreign culture. You will work as a team to bring God's Word and His love to people. Each outreach is unique, but some common areas of ministry include children's and youth ministry, development aid, teaching and evangelism.

Where will you go?

We usually do a one week outreach within Germany during the teaching phase. For 2022, we will go to Berlin for one week, together with other DTSes.

The main outreach  takes place in another country. Past outreach destinations have included South Africa, Thailand, Tanzania, Romania, the Middle East and the Philippines.

DTS 2022 will have a focus on Ukraine. Depending on the situation, the outreach will take place in Ukraine or in an adjacent country, to work with Ukrainian refugees.  

Note: The outreach will NOT be in a conflict area (e.g. war zone). Students will not enter Ukraine unless the conflict in the country has been fully resolved. 

Where will you live?

During the first three months you will live here with us on the property, "Base". You will live in shared apartments with other students.
There will be shared meals and you will have the opportunity to talk with others about what you have learned.

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