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The Discipleship Training School (DTS) lecture phase provides classroom learning, community-bonding, and heart change. It’s a chance to have your perspectives altered and your view of God deepened.


Lecture phase engages the mind. Over the time frame of 3 -4 month you will receive 12 weeks of powerful teaching from motivating and experienced speakers and missionaries, meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage. You'll deal with topics like: 

  • Hear God's voice: Does God still speak today? How does God speak to me personally? How can I learn to hear God's voice better?
  • The great story of God: What is the story behind creation, the Fall, the people of Israel, the life of Jesus, salvation and eternal life in God's new creation? What role do I play in this story?
  • The Bible: How are the individual books of the Bible connected? What treasure does Bible study hold?
  • Healthy relationships: What does a healthy relationship mean to the opposite sex, to people around me, to myself, to God? How do we deal with our differences? How do we resolve conflicts? How can we best work together as a team in marriage, family, at work and as friends?
  • Identity and calling: Who am I? What are my gifts and talents? Why did God make me the way I am? What is God's plan for my life?
  • Father Heart of God: What is God like as Father? What does that mean to me? What is God's character?
  • The Holy Spirit: Who is the Holy Spirit? What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? How can I live my life with the power of the Holy Spirit?
  • Spiritual Warfare: What is Spiritual Warfare? What power has our prayer? What authority do we have as God's children in the spiritual world?
  • Biblical Christian Worldview: What is a Worldview? With what worldview do I go through life? How does God speak through the Bible in every sphere of society?
  • Mission and Evangelism: How can we fulfill the commission of Jesus to disciple the nations? What does mission look like? What is my motivation for evangelism? What is discipleship?

Lecture phase is a chance to build friendships and dig deeper into the questions we all have.


A key part of character development is serving those around us. Therefore, part of your DTS is to help keep the YWAM center running. In the process, you'll also learn teamwork and reliability. Being involved makes you a part of the YWAM community .


Small Groups and One-On-One

Perhaps one of the most important parts of DTS is small groups and one-on-one discipleship. These times will allow you to process what you’re learning about God in a safe environment. One-on-ones are usually held with a DTS or base staff member, someone who is with you throughout the entire lecture phase. It is their goal to help you grow through mentorship and counsel.

Small groups are held with other DTS students. Here, you can see how your other classmates are being challenged as well. With vivid discussions and personal input into what you’re learning, these are not only times to get to know your classmates better, but also a time to experience the change in others.

Local Ministry/Mini-Outreach

Personal transformation leads to the transformation of community. You will have a chance to make a difference in the surrounding society through our local ministry and during our mini-outreach. Whether it’s teaching the gospel, working on a community project, or praying for the town or city, your DTS staff will guide you every step of the way, equipping you to impact a neighborhood.

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