Go and touch somebody's life!

Jesus did it first: He could have stayed in heaven with His Dad – in real comfort and security. But because of His love to us He left His home and put Himself into a foreign culture, far away from anything He knew – just to be with the people He loved so much. It was the only way.

Even today many people leave their families and homes for longer or shorter periods of time to bring God’s love to people in other regions of the world. There is nothing more exciting than being out there with God! Your DTS outreach will give you insights and experiences that will stay with you for life. You will meet people and hear life stories that you would never know of otherwise and you will have the opportunity to do things you never thought you could do.

Short Outreach

During the teaching phase we will have several opportunities to go for a one to two weeks outreach within Germany or neighboring country. We will experience close team life in a new environment and get to know other ministries. This short outreaches will also help us to prepare for the six to eight week missionary outreach at the end of the DTS.

Missionary Outreach

There is an array of locations for DTS outreach – a whole world, in fact! We’ll take you to the ends of the earth, where people depend on help and the good news of Jesus Christ brings hope and transforms lives. In our global DTS outreaches we go to nations where there is great poverty and hopelessness or to modern cities or universities, we encounter other religions and cultures.

During the outreach you will have the opportunity to apply the principles you have learnt in the previous months in a different culture. You can put all of your new perspective into action by sharing God’s truth in different places all around the world. The goal is to share the love of God which you have experienced in your own life. Students work in teams to bring God's Word and His love to people through working with children and young people, ministry in churches and evangelism and mercy ministries.

Together we will touch the world with God’s power and practical compassion.

Make a difference

After the evaluation of the mission outreach, the DTS ends for you in Hainichen.

The experiences you have gained in the DTS will shape you for a life with a strengthened, living faith, wherever your further path in life leads. You will have discovered how to be a blessing to those around you with a Christian lifestyle and how to receive guidance and help from God's Word.

Or you may discover that you want to continue with YWAM. There is a wide range of training and study opportunities available in YWAM worldwide (find out more here: www.ywam.org and here: www.uofn.edu). And of course there is also the possibility to work at our base.

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