Frequently Asked Questions

What's accommodation going to look like?

DTS students are housed in shared apartments in the center or in the immediate vicinity. This promotes social cohesion and helps them practice living together with others. Usually, students are housed in shared rooms.

Families and married couples are, of course, assigned their own living space. Since living space for families is severely limited, we ask families to register well in advance so that living space can be organized.

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What is the daily programme like?

Teaching week: During the teaching weeks, the day usually follows a certain pattern. The morning is normally dedicated to lessons with the guest speakers. After the common lunch, there is a time to do the individual "workduties". Often after that, there are joint activities or special meetings (such as small groups). The evenings are often free for your own studies, assignments and your journal. Sometimes there are also base events on the schedule (worship, fellowship night, etc.), which of course DTS participates in.

Ministry week: Here your weekly schedule is mainly based on the meetings and activities of your respective team. The basic daily structure remains the same, as well as times scheduled just for DTS.

Outreach week: The daily schedule in the outreach always depends on the conditions and ministry opportunities of the respective outreach location. Often, days cannot be planned so well in advance or must be flexibly adapted to changes in plans.

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What’s the story with relationships?

DTS is an intense time that will take a great deal out of you emotionally and spiritually. You will definitely have enough to do with yourself. That means your focus during this time should not be on finding your life partner.
If you are already in a stable relationship, we expect that you will conduct yourself in a responsible way in accord with Biblical moral standards, and that you will be prepared to share honestly about your relationship with your assigned staff person during the DTS. We would like to help you build a good relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Am I allowed to smoke? What’s the story with alcohol?

You will understand that smoking is prohibited on the YWAM property. We always have many children here and want to be a good example to them and our visitors. We have the view that it is difficult to reconcile a long-term habit of smoking with a Christian lifestyle. At the latest when it comes to outreach, smoking is taboo. Because in many parts of the world, smoking is unthinkable for Christians and would put the whole outreach team in a bad light.

If you smoke, that is not an obstacle for you to come to DTS anyway. Just contact us for further questions about this.

Even if you handle alcohol in a responsible manner, it is generally not permitted to drink on the YWAM property and in the accommodation.

Every kind of illegal drug is strictly forbidden.

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I am a relatively new Christian and don’t know my way around the Bible very well. Is this a problem?

No! We are pleased that you are interested in doing a DTS. There is nothing better for beginners in the faith than a Discipleship Training School because in this school you will learn many foundations of the faith. You will also learn how to read the Bible. You don’t have to be a super Christian. All you need to bring is the willingness to learn and to let God work in your life.

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Will I have access to the internet?

On the base we have a wireless network which you will be able to access. Whether or not you will have access in your apartment depends on where you will live.
We expect that you will use the internet responsibly. Should certain immoral content be a temptation for you, please speak to us honestly about this.

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What’s the story with meals?

In general, DTS participants eat together as a community at the base. Meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack break in the morning (during work days) are included in the cost of the DTS.

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How can I do my washing?

Each person is responsible for washing his own clothes. We have washing machines and dryers at the base which you can pay to use.

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Where will the outreach be held?

Normally the outreach destination is not yet decided at the beginning of the school but the decision is made as a result of prayer by the DTS staff and students.

Depending on the number of students, there will be different outreach teams.

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Would I be sent into areas in crisis?

Normally DTS teams are not sent into regions which are considered to be dangerous or for which travel warnings exist.

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I can’t speak German. Is this a problem?

YWAM is an international movement in which English is the main language. As a base, we use both German and English in daily use.  It may be that participants in your DTS do not speak perfect English. We will also invite guest speakers who speak only English. However, classes and all core activities will be translated. All of our staff speak English- so don't worry!

Last update on 01/27/2021 by Uli.

What can I do after DTS?


Great question! When you graduate from DTS, the world is literally your oyster. Did you know that there are YWAM bases in over 140 countries? Your DTS opens the door for you as an staff member at any of these centers.

YWAM is also a affiliated with the University of the Nations (UofN). You can take additional courses after your DTS that match your interests and bring you closer to your calling. The UofN, offers a wide range of programs and majors. Communication, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Care or Youth Ministry are just a few of them. It's best to check it out for yourself: www.uofn.edu. At UofN, you can even earn a bachelor's or master's degree. The DTS is the basic course for this and with your DTS you have already collected your first credits.

Of course, further studies is not all you can do after the DTS. 

On the base we are always looking for young people who want to invest their time for God over a shorter or longer period of time.

The DTS is a great time to consider your future together with God, so relax. You don’t have to know at the beginning of the school what you will do when it is finished.

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Can I just do the theory phase and not do the outreach?

Sorry, no. Both teaching and outreach phases are needed to complete the school successfully.

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