Dedicated to the Lord: the Freunde-Haus

Tue 01 Sep 2015

Although we had been using the Freunde-Haus for a year now we only had the chance to officially celebrate it'S inauguration...

The Kindergarten gets a floor

Fri 28 Aug 2015

In the past weeks the workers were busy building the outside and inside wall. Today the ceiling elements arrived.

Well done: just completed the FMS 2015

Sat 11 Jul 2015

With 19 participants plus families and a total of 10 represented nations we successfully completed the Family Ministry School 2015 this week.

Strong foundations: the new building is coming!

Tue 19 May 2015

After years of planing, praying and hoping it is finally happening: the dream of our new multi-purpose building is becoming a reality. Last week we symbolically laid the foundation stone.

20 years of YWAM Hainichen

Thu 26 Jun 2014

On june 15th we celebrated our 20th anniversary with around 300 people. Many had come a long distance to celebrate with us.

Former preschool building demolished

Thu 03 Apr 2014

This monday the former "Springbrunnen" preschool building was demolished to make space for a new one. Some impressions of a "historic" moment.

Construction News

Thu 27 Mar 2014

Yesterday the roofer finished the roof of the Friends' House, while the other tem continued from the inside of the building.

Friends' House Set Up: Day 2-4

Mon 24 Mar 2014

The construction of the house is moving forward according to schedule.

Friends' House Set Up: Day 1

Tue 18 Mar 2014

Today the work on the building finally started. It was an exciting day to watch each wall being set in place...

Just on time before Christmas: the ground plate is completed

Fri 20 Dec 2013

Just a few days before the Christmas holidays the ground plate was finished. With this the first stage of building the Friends' house is completed.

The diggers are rolling!

Thu 21 Nov 2013

The moment we've been waiting for so long! This morning at 8am the excarvator started digging a hole for the concrete ground plate of our "Friends' House".

Remember the Friends’ House we won? Well, we’re not getting it after all...

Wed 09 Oct 2013

... but a much better one instead!
The “Friends’ House” adventure is not yet over and now you can read the latest episode here. Up until now we had been happy and grateful to have been given a building that we could modify to suit our purposes. Not perfect in every detail, but a gift at least. But in fact it has all turned out far better than we could have imagined...

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