Villa windows receive new coating


During our construction-week most of the Villas windows are being renovated and receive a new coating. Old paint needs to be taken off and new one painted on it. All of our staff are taking part. Also on a few other practical projects on the property we are working on this week.

Two german companies who produce paint have given paint to us, so we can do that work with minimum costs. It is always a great encouragement, when others readily support our ministry.

During the week we are being supported by three of our friends who just took the week off from their jobs to help us completing practical projects. Thank you!

Also the Remise - our newly renovated building for youth and prayer ministry - receives a final cleaning this week. On saturday we will solemnly open it together with special guests and our youth group. It is a great joy to us that we can open a building that is already filled with vivid live!

Our process of clearing things before we start new building projects included also to tear off the old woodshed next to the Villa as you can see on the pictures below.

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