Just on time before Christmas: the ground plate is completed


Will the weather last? What if winter finally comes? Usually we have temperatures well below Zero degrees Celsius at this time and it's impossible to cast concrete. It was a high risk that we took but we felt we had to move on with construction to see this house built soon. And we had perfect weather all the time! No day of interruption due to temperature. Right before the end of the year the construction company took off the molds and removed all machinery and building meterials.

With this the first construction stage is complete and the house itself can be build in march 2014. It was an amazing feeling to walk on the concrete floor that will be the floor of the future house and to imagine the rooms around. In a prayer time we re-committed the house to the Lord and to His purposes. May many people who will live in this building receive His blessing and meet Him here. We can't wait for the day when the first guest will walk through the doors of the new house!

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