Former preschool building demolished


It was an emotional moment when the huge excavator shovel dug into the wall of the building that had been such a vivid hub for many children and their families over the past ten years, both from YWAM and from outside. It also marks the end of an era – and the beginning of a new one.

The building had been doomed already many years ago, but now the time has finally come to create space for a new building that will be home for the Kindergarten and offer more space to the YWAM community.

For YWAM Hainichen it is a huge leap of faith. While the finances for the preschool part of the three-floor building are secured the rest of the 900.000 Euros for the YWAM parts is not. We have initiated a program called "500 x 1.000" to challenge 500 donors to give 1.000 € each towards the building.

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