Fall schools started

Students and staff of both schools doing team training

With the Next Generation DTS, we have developed a new focus DTS that is aimed primarily at people who have a heart for child and youth minitry and would like to continue to grow in this area. In addition to the normal DTS (Discipleship Training School) program, participants have the opportunity to participate in our programs for children and younth on base and gain experience. There are also special teaching weeks on this topic.

After 14 weeks of teaching, we then go on missionary assignment to another country with the group.

The other course, which started at the same time, offers the participants a fantastic opportunity to devote three months to Bible study. The inductive study method is taught in class and an overview of various books of the Bible is being presented. By working on the contents of some selected books of the Bible in self-study, the participants gain many new insights and learn to dive deeply into the thought processes of the text and to apply what they have learned for themselves personally.

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