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With a program we run for Prevention of Consequences of Malnutrition we constantly are confronted with the needs of lone parenting moms. Respective ...

when finding out that our counsel and help does not bear the fruit we would like to see. It simply shows us that many of those among the Ethiopians we minister to are misinformed, particularly poor people.

"Where is my mom? Why is she not coming back?" ... Many children grow up without mom or dad. They are left with relatives. The moms (and dads) go abroad to arabic countries and promise to send money they hope to earn there. Often the relatives do not care well for the children and live an the costs of those working abroad. The children get in a bad state and suffer from mom being away.

Also many moms, who come to us for help with their babies do not see other solutions than going abroad for work. We give counsel and acompany them with their decision. We see the need of the children and want to see their wellbeing protected and taken care for. It is tragic. Thousands of women apply for those jobs abroad. Many come back disappointed or even traumatized. It is nealry like trafficing or a modern form of slavery.

Please pray with us for good solutions and creative ways to help those families out of their needs and how we can help them to find a good way for their living and healthy bringing up of their children. Thank you for your interest and support.

Mathias & Susanna Lange / Ethiopia

Contakt via: www.aethiopienhilfe-ev.org/en

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