Big celebration: the Remise is finished!


Among the invited guests were mostly people who helped us rebuild the house and also some officials of the city of Hainichen. After an entertaining program the Remise was officially released into it's new destiny: to be a house for the youth. The catering for the event was done by our local youth group T4C, who did an amazing job.

Originally a service building, the Remise has been used by YWAM for various purposes since 1994: offices, storage, accommodation, kindergarten, workshop, creative room and prayer room.

Its condition was so bad that even- tually the building could no longer be used. Thoughts alternated be- tween demolition and renovation. After much deliberation it became clear that the Remise ought to be preserved and turned into a vibrant hub of community life.

From 2010–2013 the Remise was refurbished from the ground up at a total cost of 250.000 EUR. 150.000 EUR were covered by a European Fund.

Today the building houses a youth room, creative room, prayer room, boulder room and a workshop.

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